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Novoscos Innovative Wellness Programme


Innovative Wellness Programme – strive for million steps per week


Staff at Novosco are striving to take a combined one million steps per week as part of an innovative new wellness programme at the leading technology business.

All staff at the IT infrastructure company were offered Fitbit devices (normally costing more than £100 each), and 65 are currently competing in an activity league table as a result, with even more staff currently applying to participate.

The investment by the company in the devices for its team is the brainchild of managing director Patrick McAliskey, who was inspired by similar initiatives at Fortune 500 corporations.

Mr McAliskey explains: “A significant part of our strategy and culture at Novosco is ‘wellness’. We encourage staff to eat well, stay active, and look after themselves. As part of this, we provide free deliveries of fruit, we have a masseuse visit our offices, and we run active events for staff such as charity walks and cycles. We also provide free health and dental insurance.”

“Our latest initiative is to offer staff Fitbits to encourage them to be active every day. As part of this, we have an online league table, automatically updated from the devices, which is intended to get team members pushing themselves to be a little bit more active through competing with their colleagues.

“It’s great for morale and team work, as well as helping keep staff fit and well. From a business perspective, that’s fantastic, as happy, well staff are more productive, better employees, and they are more likely to stay with us,” he adds.

Fitbits are market-leading fitness devices which can monitor steps, activity levels, heart rate, and other indicators of fitness. They are manufactured by US firm Fitbit Inc.

Novosco employs some 120 people. It is headquartered in the Northern Ireland Science Park, Belfast and has offices in Dublin and Manchester. Novosco has appeared in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For listing each of the past three years, and appeared in the Deloitte Fast 50 2014 for the 15th year in a row – the only company to be in the prestigious listing every year since it started in the year 2000.