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Novosco 10K Grand Prix

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"The 2016 series was a huge success, so we are back and remain proud to be the sponsor of Northern Ireland's biggest and best multi-race 10K Grand Prix. We wish all the participants the very best in 2017." - Patrick McAliskey, CEO, Novosco



The Novosco 10K Grand Prix is a not-for-profit competition of 15 running races of 10 kilometres, from March to November 2017.

All 15 races will be accurately measured and certified before race day, have permits from AthleticsNI, agree to use chip timing services as provided by ChampionChip Ireland, and displayed on the AthleticsNI fixture list.

The runners' performances at each race will be compared to the Age Graded Tables. Age Grading is a way to adjust the runners performance according to age and gender. The age-grading tables were developed by the World Association of Veteran Athletes, the world governing body for track and field, long distance running, and race walking for veteran athletes.

A ranking list of the participants will be generated after each race showing the runners' times and their relevant age-graded score as a percentage The rank will be ordered with the runner with the best score at the top, and so on, in descending order. The average percentage score of each runner across the best 6 races they complete will be used. Chip times will be used primarily where available on the race results. Runners will have to complete at least 6 of the 15 races in the Novosco 10K Grand Prix.


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