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Managed WAN

Go faster. Stay secure. Be in control.

Novosco Managed WAN (formerly Cloudstream Net) is a cost-effective network service which enables organisations to connect to the Internet or multiple locations via a secure, private, resilient and high performance network, with a unique real-time monitoring system all at a competitive price.

Oxfam Ireland deployed an MPLS wide area network with Novosco incorporating our Belfast and Dublin head offices along with 52 regional stores over two years ago. The solution has proved to be robust and reliable, with the added benefit of the web and mobile apps providing real time feedback on the status of all of our connections.

Ivor Abernethy

IT Manager, Oxfam Ireland

Novosco Managed WAN offers the following benefits:

Our service is resilient by design with geographically sparse aggregation points and firewalls, multiple tier 1 IP transit providers and a low latency, shortest path backhaul network. Our commitment is to provide a highly available, high performance network infrastructure.

Customer networks can be dynamically scaled up or down as business needs change. Our service can be used either on one site for improved internet services or alternatively used to mesh hundreds of branches together.

Managed Service
Our service is a fully managed WAN infrastructure. Our skilled, dedicated team will triage and troubleshoot issues until fully resolved.

If you want to find out how Managed WAN can deliver for your organisation, contact us now or for an initial Cloud Strategy Assessment.

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Managed WAN