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What are Managed Services?

Customised, process-driven and expertly delivered services. Novosco's managed services are designed to improve delivery of your IT operations while reducing costs. 

For some companies, IT systems managed in-house can become a burden, tying up resources and incurring additional costs. Other companies may lack the in-house resources and expertise in the first place to manage the tasks themselves. In either scenario, outsourcing all or some of your IT management will ease the burden on your IT resources allowing greater flexibility for staff to focus on delivering core business services to your customers. 

Having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is critical to maximising staff productivity, increasing revenues, adhering to legislative requirements, and ultimately delivering profitable goods and services to your clients.

Your business relies on IT, but supporting IT is not your core business.

Managing IT infrastructures requires specialist skills, covering a broad range of technical and professional disciplines. For organisations like yours, investing in training, recruiting and managing an in-house team is just not a realistic cost-effective option.

We solve this business challenge for both public and private sector organisations by providing flexible, professional, and tailored IT Managed Services – in a nutshell, we run your IT so you can run your business.

All our services are underpinned by our expertise in systems management, monitoring and support. What differentiates us is the way we deliver those services and tailor them to specific customer requirements every time:

  • How we work with customers: each customer has different needs, so our team will take time to get to know yours and understand these needs. Our team has a broad skill set and importantly, are long standing and experienced team members, so have the experience to confidently deal with a wide range of situations and issues.
  • What we do for our customers: we can look after as narrow or broad a technology portfolio as is needed with increasing levels of proactivity and coverage.  

Novosco Managed Services


Whether you are looking to Novosco to replace an existing managed service contract, define a managed service for existing infrastructure, or implement and manage new technology, ask us to design a service plan to your needs

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