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Providing the most appropriate solutions, the best advice and highest quality of service to deliver total threat protection without compromising IT innovation.


As organisations connect to more internal and external networks, there is a correlating increase in the number of potential vulnerabilities they are exposed to.  In this complex market where selecting and using the right product is critical, and the impact of getting it wrong can be catastrophic, our customers choose Novosco because of our experience and expertise.

Maintaining a strong security stance in the increasingly volatile threat landscape requires a specialist skill set – and also a  security conscious mind set.  Security cannot be effective if it is considered as an afterthought to other infrastructure and application projects.  Security is at the heart of everything we do, from scoping new hardware to providing consultancy and managed services.

Novosco’s varied experience across datacentre and network infrastructure enables us to fully appreciate the complexities of customer environments and security considerations which need to be accommodated, whether they are technical or human processes.

Implementing security solutions is not a fit-and-forget scenario. Managing and maintaining is of equal importance to ensuring that the solutions in place continue to provide optimal levels of security and peace of mind for your business. 

From spam filters and firewall configurations to DDoS mitigation solutions, Novosco delivers outstanding customer service via our highly accredited technical teams and the best in class vendor technologies we recommend.

Be more secure.  Work with Novosco to ensure that you have the right security solutions to protect your organisation.


If you feel that Novosco Managed Security Services would deliver for your organisation, contact us now for a no-obligation demo.


Managed Services

Managed Security Services