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Processes beat uncertainty

The risks presented by on-premise, hybrid and public cloud solutions are complex, and so we take them on to make life simple for our customers.

At the early stages of our engagement with you, we will establish your business requirements and, using a collaborative approach, align those needs to the most appropriate service level agreement(SLA).

The key drivers of our standard SLA are up-time, availability, fast response, quick resolution and excellent customer service. Why is our service different?

1. We listen and truly understand your challenges: Novosco consultants work closely with your teams to understand the key drivers and challenges faced by your business.
2. We go the extra mile. We always own a problem, and because we are here to help, we never drop the ball.
3. Our expertise is world-class. We realise that processes are fundamental to delivering great service, so our agile Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) approach allows us to remain flexible, and ensure that our service levels are optimal.
4. Performance accountability. Open accountability, transparent reporting, and honest reviews of performance are fundamental to our service.
5. Technology champions. We continually strive to improve our service, and always keep up with the latest technology advances and best practices in the industry.

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Measuring Success - The Net Promoter Score

We are always eager to learn where we have succeeded in providing the best managed cloud service, and where we can improve.

As a way of measuring relationships with our customers, we use the Net Promoter Score(NPS). A global standard, developed by Fred Reicheld, Net Promoter Score is an unbiased and uncomplicated way for customers to effectively and efficiently gauge what the experience of working with a company should be like.

We regularly ask our customers, 'How likely are you to recommend us?' The answer is given as a number, from zero to ten. This is then collated with all other responses and shown as our score. Simple.

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