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Cloud Strategy Assessment

Evaluating your options as you move to public cloud

Public cloud offers numerous benefits, but it is not right for every organisation, for many reasons. And each public cloud is different.  So it is imperative that you assess costs and viability upfront in order to make best use of public cloud and meet the expectations of everyone in your business.

Novosco’s Cloud readiness assessment has really helped us develop our infrastructure strategy and roadmap. Their knowledge of healthcare systems coupled with an understanding of cloud technologies & services has proved invaluable.

Catherine O’Keeffe

Head of IT Compliance Liverpool Women's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Wherever in your business the drive towards cloud comes from, Novosco can help. We can provide a strategy assessment for your organisation to give you an informed perspective on comparative costs of using different cloud vendors, and the technical challenges you will face.

Where you get help from us

Assessing cloud options is complex because each vendor structures their services differently. However, we have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and VMware vCloud Air which lets us quickly map your on-premise solutions to each of their potential solutions.


You will find out:
  • estimated costs for solutions for each cloud;
  • what applications and processes can be moved directly to the cloud and which will need re-platforming or recoding;
  • benefits of each cloud for your organization.
  • issues re. public cloud and security, governance, risk, compliance and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

For a strategic assessment of your options for migrating to the cloud, ask our consultants now