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Public Cloud Consultancy

We know public cloud inside out and we would love to share our secrets

Novosco understands public cloud. It is in our DNA. We have partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon and VMware, and our expert team knows the pros and cons of each provider’s approach.

We understand on-premise solutions too and can identify which of the two is better for specific applications, workloads and data types. And we know that moving to the cloud presents real challenges if you have a legacy infrastructure or use applications that weren’t born in the cloud.

So whether you are taking a first look at public cloud or need some support, we can guide you. 


Where you get help from us

These are just some of the ways in which we can support you when you are considering moving any of your systems to a public cloud platform:

  • Elastic pricing – We can explain how this works in practice, how you can control your spending and how to ensure predictable outlay against your budget.
  • Usage spikes – We can show you how to monitor and measure these, and keep control over any associated costs.
  • Re-platforming apps – If you are moving applications to the cloud, we can tell you how best to leverage any public cloud infrastructure.
  • Connecting to the cloud – We’ll advise you how to avoid the uncertainty of using the Internet for connecting to any public cloud.
  • Comparing costs – Evaluating relative costs between Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware vCloud Air isn’t straightforward. We can help.
  • Rightsizing – If you are considering Azure, AWS or vCloud Air, we can support you in rightsizing and in identifying the best cost-optimisation strategy.

We can deliver a free initial audit, giving you a roadmap for the possible transition to public and other cloud platforms – meet our cloud experts.

Want to know more about our free cloud strategy assessment?