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Cloud Migration

Trust us to help you move to the cloud at the right pace

There is a lot of detail to consider when migrating to the cloud, including what, when and how. And the process of migration will be different for every single organisation.

Novosco can help you move the right elements at the right time in the right way. We have managed numerous transitions across multiple sectors, so you can take advantage of our experience and avoid making mistakes that we have seen customers make before.


What not to do

The list is long, but here are few nuggets to get you started.

  • Do not move everything – to choose the appropriate applications to move to the cloud, you need to understand the business and technical reasons first. If your instinct says change gradually, then that is surely the right thing to do.
  • Do not ignore tuning – There are plenty of applications that will need adapting and tuning to work well in the cloud. That includes solutions you have previously customised.
  • Do not treat everything the same – Not everything should be moved to the cloud in the same way. We have moved a lot of solutions to different cloud platforms in our time, so no need to reinvent the wheel – ask us.
  • Do not forget security and compliance – We can help you identify potential issues and work with you to make sure any cloud solutions meet your compliance requirements.


For a strategic assessment of your options for migrating to the cloud, get help from our consultants now.