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Single Tenant Cloud

The best of both worlds: You bring your workloads, we bring the Software Defined Data Centre, expertly designed and operated.

The Novosco Single Tenant Cloud (STC) addresses the more troublesome aspects of many hosted private cloud solutions:

You maintain control

You get your own management server and spin up virtual machines (VMs) as you see fit, just as you can today; we’re there if you need us, but you own and operate the platform on Novosco's Single Tenant Cloud.

We keep an eye on things for you, but we won’t stand over your shoulder.

Your workloads are your own, we can’t see or access them unless you give us permission. Yet you’re not left in the dark, as we proactively monitor the infrastructure we provide, up to hypervisor level, to make sure that your business systems keep running smoothly.

If you have a concern about any of your workloads, check our deep expertise in managed services.

We run Novosco's Single Tenant Cloud from the best facilities we can find in the UK and Ireland, and always have a peer data centre in your region.

You can also use further cloud solutions or fully managed services alongside our Single Tenant Cloud . We can accommodate any of your existing IT equipment that you wish to keep, right within the same data centre.

If you think that Novosco Single Tenant Cloud could deliver for your organisation, contact us now for an initial Cloud Strategy Assessment.

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Single Tenant Cloud