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Infrastructure as a Service

Securely shared infrastructure designed, managed and operated by experts.

Novosco Infrastructure as a Service provides an easy to access and easy to consume platform for your virtual workloads. We have designed a portal which lets you specify, commission and operate your virtual machines, safe in the knowledge that your workloads are logically separated from others on our platform - but you are still benefitting from the implied economies of scale. Furthermore, our experts are there, 24 x 7, monitoring the platform on your behalf.

Some Infrastructure as a Service platforms are not particularly cloud friendly, they are exactly the same as you have today in your on-premise server room. This can mean that without careful planning, capacity expansion can be complicated and imply a significant investment on the provider's part.

Our platform is different; we use cloud native technologies which are software-driven, including for storage and network services, based on server hardware which you can (and probably do) trust today. Scaling for us simply means adding a node - and we always have spare nodes racked and ready to go in our data centres using our own automation smarts.

If you think Novosco Infrastructure as a Service would deliver for your organisation, contact us now for an initial Cloud Strategy Assessment to make the right decision.

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Infrastructure as a Service