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Backup as a Service

Expertly designed, cloud native, software-defined, flexible backup as a service that you can rely on.

- When it comes to backup, one size does not fit all. That is why we have used our experience and expertise of providing backup as a service, to bring you a solution which offers:

The best of both worlds

- We provide very fast local backup targets for daily backups within our data centres, or on your premises through datacentre hosted capacity targets, and the best public cloud providers like Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have to offer in terms of longer term retention.

"Historically we found backup hard to manage due to silos of information and arduous checking procedures. Since moving to an outsourced service we are confident that backup is managed successfully externally freeing up internal IT staff to focus on elements of the business to drive productivity throughout the application set and user community."

- Mark Frizell

IT Manager of Gordons Chemists

Dual DC capability

- If you use any of our hosting services, we can replicate your backup data to a peer data centre. If you are an on-premise customer, we can replicate to one of our data centres and the public cloud, in addition to local backup copies on-premise.

Software smarts

- Our backup solution uses a leading virtual machine (VM) centric data protection technology which not only offers a great solution but can be allied with great reporting so you know exactly what is protected.

Trusted expertise

- Your backup project is far from our first. We have been operating customer backup solutions for many years, across a whole range of different technologies and industries, and we understand the challenges and pitfalls backup – and restores - present. For peace of mind, we will share all our data protection secrets with you to ensure you enjoy a hassle-free backup service.

If you think that Novosco Backup as a Service (BaaS) would deliver for your organisation, contact us now for a no-obligation demo.

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