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Who really cares about corporate culture?

Who really cares about corporate culture?


Well, I do for a start. I believe that building and developing a corporate culture of engagement, caring and appreciation is a necessity to any successful business.  The saying goes that, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast;’ developing a great corporate culture is something we at Novosco care deeply about.

If you don't have the right people then the strategy simply doesn't matter; it’s all about your people that are on the frontline, talking to and building relationships with your customers. This is what will deliver value to your business.

At Novosco we are driven by our core values of teamwork, excellence, respect, and fun. All of these, (yes, including fun) are an integral part of our corporate culture. We want to be the best managed cloud provider, and we want to help companies have better performing IT services. To do that we must have the right team; to get the best people, having a great corporate culture isn’t just nice to have, it’s an absolute necessity. It’s everything.

Novosco’s mission statement is to be the Fearless Champions of Better. We strive to get better on a daily basis, however that may manifest, we also want to help our customers improve their businesses. We continually challenge our staff to do something different and to develop in ways beyond that which they originally thought.

The success of this can be seen in our business growth and customer (and employee) retention over the past 20 years;  we’ve been in the Deloitte Fast 50 Ireland for 17 consecutive years and we’ve also been recognised as a Sunday Times Top 100 company to work for. The benefits of developing a unique corporate culture are most definitely tangible, we see and feel them regularly.

If every member of our team gets better, our business gets better. That’s something we firmly believe in at Novosco; the importance of growing and developing as individuals. Sometimes that costs, but that’s something our organisation is more than prepared to invest in.

We invest heavily in employee training, because we believe that everyone should be getting better year on year so that they can continue to be the best they can be.

Aside from giving our team the tools and the freedom to learn and develop, we also have a host of other initiatives to ensure that everyone is engaged with and feels part of Novosco. We also take the health and wellbeing of our employees seriously by offering a range of initiatives to help improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s not the big things or gestures that make a difference to people, it’s a combination of everything that makes up our corporate culture and makes Novosco a truly great place to work.

So what are some of the things we do?

We Are Novosco – our company employee engagement app. Rather than the standard corporate intranet, we have all our company policies and procedures on our app, with the latest news, an employee directory, ideas log and other fun videos, photos, and competitions.

Free Fitbits for anyone who wants one. Staying fit and active is important for our employee wellbeing, so having a Fitbit makes our team think a bit more about how many steps they’re doing and what they could do to increase their activity. It also encourages some healthy competition!

Health and Wellbeing is a priority for us and I believe that healthy food options should be readily available. As such, our offices have regular fresh fruit deliveries, making it easier for people to make a healthy choice.

As part of our health and wellbeing commitment we offer weekly mindfulness and meditation sessions to help people learn how to switch off and reduce stress. We also offer acupressure massages on a Friday, as well as an onsite gym in our Belfast HQ.

We also offer a range of benefits including a cycle to work scheme, childcare vouchers, generous parental leave, private medical care, and free dental and eye care.

We have a peer nomination and awards scheme, where people can nominate their colleagues who do something special or go above and beyond for a customer.

Our ideas log on the We Are Novosco app allows people to quickly and easily make suggestions about how to improve the company. No matter how small the idea, all are considered and the most beneficial are implemented. As a company, we’re constantly thinking about ways to improve, this ensures that everyone’s ideas are taken on board.

We know the importance of giving back and getting involved in our local community. Our team are regularly involved in personal fundraising events and challenges and as a company we take part in annual charity events, such as ‘Row a Marathon’ for Bowel Cancer UK. These are fun events that help us do better and give back.

Another link to health and wellbeing in the community is our sponsorship of the Novosco 10k, a series of fifteen 10k races throughout Northern Ireland for all ages and abilities to encourage people to take up running and just get out there, getting active.

Novosco Cloud camp, in partnership with Almac, is yet another way we get involved with our local communities. The week long course for post GCSE students is an opportunity for young people to learn key IT skills and develop an enthusiasm for pursuing a career in IT.

Beyond the above programs and benefits, we try to enjoy ourselves as much as possible, whether that’s dressing up for Halloween or bringing Birthday Buns (a longstanding Novosco tradition), or something else entirely, if we can do it, we will.

This all links back into the overall Novosco company culture; our employees put in the effort to constantly improve, we go the extra mile because we can, because we should and because we want to. One beneficiary of all of this are the team members, who get to enjoy the perks and activities, the stuff that makes our friends ask, “That sounds incredible, can I get a job application?”

Our customers are the ultimate winners; when they entrust their managed service or their cloud provision to Novosco, they know that they’re getting the most experienced, qualified, and motivated people to do the job for them.


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