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Skype for Business with Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop

Skype for Business with Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and XenApp (Shared Desktop/Session Based Computing) environments are used by companies to improve security and compliance, particularly where sensitive data is being dealt with regularly. Users do their work in a virtual desktop or application hosted in the secure datacentre. Working with Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop has many advantages for Novosco and our customers.

The concern with Virtual Desktops may be that using Skype for Business with full audio and video may require heavy loads of audio and video processing on VDI or shared desktops.

The Citrix Skype for Business HDX RealTime Optimization pack, a solution that Microsoft and Citrix have jointly architected, offers clear, crisp high-definition audio/video calls with Microsoft Skype for Business when hosted on Citrix virtualised workloads.

Just like User experience and performance, keeping Skype for Business within the datacentre also has advantages when it comes to security. The Skype for Business client often found installed on local PCs/Laptops can result in chat logs and files being stored locally on the device. In the event the device is stolen, critical chat logs and files received from colleagues or even customers could be compromised.

Choosing to deploy virtual desktops in the datacentre keeps data safer, however you might wonder how well Skype for Business will perform if the client is installed on a Virtual Machine rather than the local machine, but there is no need to worry.

The Citrix HDX Optimization Pack boosts the Skype for Business audio and video quality and drives down Citrix desktop processing by offloading audio and video processing to the client machine when possible. This saves resource on the Citrix desktop giving increased Citrix desktop density per host.

Video processing can be intensive on the CPU and especially in the case of shared desktops on XenApp when multiple users may be video or audio calling at the same time. With HDX Optimization in place the media engine can run on the Windows, Mac or Linux end-client devices with a connector piece running on the Citrix desktop. Traffic can flow directly between two client devices that are participating in a two-way call. Traffic latency (bandwidth) and server load is reduced, and the experience is optimized as a result.

HDX Realtime Optimization Pack v2.3 is the current major release by Citrix. Prior to the v2 solution Microsoft offered a v1 solution which consisted of a VDI plug-in installed alongside Receiver on the client device.

Skype for Business Optimization is available to Citrix Enterprise and Platinum XenApp/XenDesktop customers.

Novosco has a wealth of Citrix and Skype for Business expertise and if you are interested to learn more please get in contact with us or 02890 45 44 33

You can also check out our Citrix webinar, with Novosco Technology Expert and Citrix Technology Advocate George Spiers.

[This blog was written by George Spiers, and originally posted on George's own website. You can find it here.


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