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Six best practices for securing your on premise data and infrastructure

Six best practices for securing your on premise data and infrastructure

We understand that moving everything to the cloud isn’t for every company and that keeping some of your applications on premise is important and vital for many organisations.  

Securing your on premise data and infrastructure is equally as important as security in the cloud. We’ve put together our 6 best practices for cyber defence for your on premise infrastructure. 

  1. Patch: unpatched vulnerabilities are low hanging fruit for hackers. Ensure your infrastructure is correctly patched and that you have migrated older products to more recent releases before they get to the end of their support.

  2. Segment your networks: partitioning prevents malware getting from one part of your infrastructure to another, limiting the spread and the potential impact. If parts of a network don’t need to be open, then make sure they’re not.

  3. Apply least privilege principles: ensure users only have access to what they need, thereby limiting the risk of malicious activity through a compromised user ID. With careful segregation of duties and corresponding access rights, the environment will be harder for an intruder to navigate.

  4. Backup, and test those backups regularly: should the worst happen and your data be encrypted by ransomware, then you’ll need a very recent backup to restore your organisation back to operation as soon as possible.  Make sure your backup policies are appropriate, that they are running correctly and that they can be successfully restored should the need arise.

  5. Apply and manage AV, IPS: some protection, such as antivirus software and intrusion prevention, is essential and it needs to be properly managed so that issues are picked up in a timely manner.

  6. Educate users: Users are your largest vulnerability because they’re unpredictable, have access to many different interfaces within your infrastructure and importantly, the hackers know how to exploit and manipulate them. Educate users to think and check before they open or click and inadvertently allow malware onto their devices.

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