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Moving Office 365 to Microsoft’s UK datacentres

Moving Office 365 to Microsoft’s UK datacentres


Are you using Office 365? Do you know where your data is stored?

For UK companies that have specific data residency requirements, Microsoft have provided a window to request that your data is moved to UK datacentres. The deadline to request this move is 15th September 2017. 

This is a one-time opportunity to request a data move. But note, it could take Microsoft up to two years to make the move.

In September 2016 Microsoft announced that they had opened Office 365 datacentres in the UK. If your tenant was created after UK datacentre availability then it will already be hosted in the UK. However if you were an earlier adopter of Office 365 you may need to make a request to Microsoft to have your data moved to a UK datacentre.

Requesting a data move is recommended if you have any specific data residency requirements. Given that the implementation of GDPR is looming in May next year, it is definitely something that your organisation should put some serious thought into (and soon!).

If you want to initiate the change yourself, you can do it through the Office 365 admin portal. More details are here.

If you think you may have UK data residency requirements and have any questions or concerns then please contact directly 028 9045 44 33.

Remember the deadline to request a change from Microsoft is 15th September 2017.

P.S. This handy map lets you see where Office 365 datacentres are located just in case you’re wondering where your data could be stored.


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