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Have I Got Disaster Recovery Choices?

Have I Got Disaster Recovery Choices?

Well of course you do. Disaster Recovery (DR) like anything depends on the budget, time, effort and resources you have available. If your organisation is considering DR, there are several options open to you:

Do nothing

The simplest and riskiest strategy of them all. Before deciding not to do anything think carefully about the potential risks to your business and what effect there would be on your customers, your employees, and your business if it did. Can you afford to take this risk?

Disaster Avoidance

Is something that all organisations should look at as a matter of priority.  Is there anything that can be done within existing systems to avoid disaster? There are many options to consider, for example, historically servers may have been on site as physical hardware, look at the option of running the server virtually and take advantage of bringing up the virtual machine (VM) on another host. Consider the separation of your company offices and supporting IT or move your infrastructure to a less risky location, perhaps Tier 3 data centres using colocation. Or maybe implement an active infrastructure across various locations.

There are many elements within this that can, and should be considered, whether you ultimately consider any of the following DR solutions or not.

Build your own DR solution

Is doable but has its challenges. Your company would need to invest in two locations with interconnectivity between them, and some sort of SAN level or software level replication tool, allowing failover. Firstly, you would need to identify the locations and check if they have enough resources; power, cooling and appropriate connectivity. Then think about how you are going to replicate the data and manage the process so that when failover occurs there is not a mismatch of data.  There are lots of questions and elements to consider in a build your own DR strategy, and if your company lacks the right internal resources, this could be a costly solution.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Is a managed service for disaster recovery, taking all the hassle and pain out of DR, and a solution that many organisations are now opting for. With DRaaS, a company will manage everything for your organsition, for a predictable cost per month and you will have complete clarity about what is covered and what processes will be activated should DR need to be initiated. With DRaaS, the company you select should work hand in hand with you to ensure minimal disruption and that the plan you have developed for such situations is enacted. Other benefits of DRaaS include the cost and value. Your company won’t have to make any hardware purchases, and you benefit from the value of moving to a cloud platform where capacity can be increased if necessary.  You benefit from all of the expertise of a company who live and breathe these technologies, leaving your business and your team to work on core business requirements.

We’ve found that sometimes within organisations there are common misconceptions that DR has been implemented when only a DR process has been written. Look closely at your organisation and check that all your line of business applications have a fall-back plan should the worst happen.

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