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Company success starts with employee wellbeing

Company success starts with employee wellbeing


On that cold and dark evening a few years ago when I decided to put on my running shoes, get off the couch and do something different for a change, I could have never imagined the changes and benefits that would begin in my life. It started off small; I joined my local running club, met some really great people and it went from there…

I was delighted at the end of January to host the awards for the inaugural Novosco 10k Grand Prix; a series of races which Novosco sponsors, with the aim of encouraging as many people as possible across Northern Ireland to get involved in running, regardless of their experience level. At the awards I met a lot of wonderful people who demonstrated a refreshing level of commitment and tenacity. From 75 year old George who successfully completed all 13 races in the Grand Prix, to the winner, Ruth Perioli, who suffered with injury at several stages yet still managed to post the best score of anyone across all the races.

I firmly believe that promoting wellbeing among employees is fundamental in creating a happy and healthy work environment for everyone. At Novosco we strive to engage, motivate and support our employees in physical and mental wellbeing. This is not something that we preach but don’t practice, or do one off programs or events in the year – wellness is a significant part of our company strategy and daily culture.  

We encourage staff to eat well, stay active and look after themselves. As part of this we provide free deliveries of fruit, we have a masseuse visit our offices, and we run events for staff such as charity walks and cycles, mindfulness and meditation classes. We also provide financial wellbeing clinics as well as free health and dental insurance. Any member of staff that would like a Fitbit, can have one, to encourage daily activity and some healthy competition with colleagues.

Our aim is to get as many people involved as possible and to make the activities fun, engaging and interesting. It’s great for morale and team work, as well as helping keep staff fit and well. From a business perspective, that’s fantastic! Happy, healthy, and well staff are more productive, better employees, and they are more likely to stay with us – it’s also the right thing to do.

I realise that not all workplaces promote wellbeing like this or due to various commitments it may be more difficult for you to improve your wellbeing at work. But workplace wellbeing can be achieved in small steps – get away from your desk for 30mins at lunch time, take the stairs, cycle to work, choose to eat healthier in the office or sort out your pension. My challenge to you for 2017 is to do something… it doesn’t have to be running, but do something that will enrich your life or improve your wellbeing.  Whatever you can, I encourage you to make the change, start small if you need to, but embrace it.

We’re now at the half way point of the 2017 Novosco Grand Prix, but there’s still plenty of time to get involved. If you’re in Northern Ireland why not sign up or get together with a few of your colleagues and join us at the 2017 Novosco Grand Prix – we’re stronger together and I’d love to see you out there!


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