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You can't control what you don't know about

You can't control what you don't know about

How do you manage systems you can’t see or don’t know about?  Where is your customer data stored or used – on your servers or in the cloud? Confident you are abiding by compliance requirements?

Cloud applications have been empowering for business. Does one of your teams need a CRM, an analytics package, or a marketing automation platform? No problem, they can get them all today, with a quick and easy sign-up – without engaging the IT team.

The advantages are obvious. Many of these services are cheap or even, initially at least, free. They come with little to no set-up overhead. And they’re often excellent, offering a quality of service that, just a few years ago, would only have been available with an expensive, premium product.

So, what’s the catch? Cloud services can be a compliance nightmare, increase your IT spend in a hidden way, create security issues, and your IT department loses control - unless you have the tools to manage them!

At Ampliphae we have solved this complex puzzle providing a solution that is easy to deploy quickly and now enables companies to discover and control the Cloud applications in use across the business.  

We’ve catalogued over 14,000 of these services (yes there at least that many), and typically Enterprises are using between 100 and 1400. In most cases individuals in the business have signed up for these services ad hoc, often taking something they have been using at home and then virally adopting at work.

Here’s a recent example. A company's marketing employee had, without anyone’s knowledge, signed up for a service called MailChimp to enable Mailshots. That worked well until one day when the MailChimp service stopped working. Predictably, the issue rapidly arrived at the door of the IT department who had no idea MailChimp was being used and didn’t know how to resolve the problem.

Everyone then ended up firefighting trying to fix the problem. Imagine the security and compliance issues with all their customer information being stored on a server somewhere in the world with no oversight from the business!

Here’s another issue – We recently presented at a Novosco seminar (view the presentation) on the implications for privacy with the imminent enforcement of GDPR. The issue here - compliance - understanding that a business must know where their data is being stored and ensuring it is secure and able to be accessed and changed.

If people in the business have signed up for cloud accounts and then stored private information without any governance, then GDPR compliance cannot be met. That could be costly, devastating or both.

We've researched a wide range of companies from the Private and Public sector, and in almost all cases the IT departments have confirmed that they have this problem and are avoiding tackling it due to the perceived complexity. Ampliphae believes we can help companies navigate past the complexity and achieve an understanding of the systems in play and regain control. 

Our technology monitors the internet connection and uses Artificial Intelligence techniques combined with a comprehensive catalogue, to discover all the cloud applications actually in use - even at an individual user level.

What happens after that I hear you ask? We provide features to enable the business to migrate users from ad-hoc services to ones which are approved.

So if you recognise the issue above and would like to see how you can approach a solution then let’s talk - we can help.

Contact us today for a demonstration of what Ampliphae can do for you. 


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Nigel Oakley, Business Development Director at Ampliphae

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