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10 minutes with... Tony Kenny


Tony is one of Novosco's Technical Services Managers, and when he's not helping our customers he's usually either watching a football match, learning photography, or enjoying a movie.

Q: Tony, what's your role at Novosco?

Tony: I'm the Technical Services Incident Manager, I oversee our Technical Services Analysts and Engineers, generally ensuring that we restore IT service as soon as possible should any of our customers experience an issue.

Q: What's been your career path so far?

Tony: In 2004 I started off as a Mobile Engineer for a telecoms company, installing and configuring hardware and software solutions for their customers on-site. I then progressed into an infrastructure support role on a key public sector managed service contract. I stayed until 2014 when i moved on to a different company as a Team Manager, then in late 2017 I made the great decision to move to Novosco!

Q: So you're the customer point of contact, how does the process work? 

Tony: We provide three main points of contact for our customers. They can contact us via email, telephone or by using our online portal to report any IT issues they may be experiencing. Further to this, we also have a team who proactively manage our customers' estates using our customizable monitoring tools so that we can reduce the risk of any issues occurring before they are experienced by end-users, thus saving them time communicating with us.

Q: What sort of skill set does your job require? Do you often work with other departments?

Tony: I work with other departments and third-party vendors, so being a knowledgeable and helpful communicator is vital. We have a brilliant team here which makes that communication a pleasant experience and usually a bit of fun.

Q: What is it about your position that keeps you engaged, that captures your interest?

Tony: The variety of the role means that most days aren’t the same, which is great. Working with such a fantastic team makes everything run much more smoothly, and I get huge satisfaction from being a mentor to the team, watching them enjoy their roles and progressing. The plans for Novosco make it a really exciting time for everyone.

Q: What tips would you have for someone looking to get into the IT industry?

Tony: It is an excellent time to enter the IT Industry as we've seen a lot of investment in recent year, particularly in Northern Ireland, where I'm based. A quick look on the job boards and you can see the opportunities that are available to IT professionals in comparison to other industries at the moment.

If you are graduating from University or College with an IT-focussed Degree, I would suggest starting down the certification pathway for the technology that most captures your interest. Microsoft Operating System or Server certifications are a great starting point as these are widely used solutions within IT Support.

For young people we offer Novosco Camp free of charge and it’s open to students between the ages of 16 and 17 which will encourage them to develop skills in areas including hardware, operating systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud technologies and to consider the 'Internet of Things’.

One thing I would say; it’s never too late to start in IT. I know many people who have made the career change later in life. It helps if you have a genuine interest in IT and I would encourage people to get hands-on with the technologies as much as possible, setup your own IT labs at home and just tinker, break it, and then learn by fixing it!

Q: How has your role changed over the last few years?

Tony: My role itself hasn’t really changed, at its core we are trying to a restore service as soon as possible and that always has to be the key focus. What has changed is the way in which you can achieve the results and the dependence on IT services & solutions as more of the world adapts IT for business and everyday life.

Technology is ever changing and improving with new driving forces such as automation, machine learning and AI now playing a bigger part and we are already seeing the ability for support to be provided by AI bots at Microsoft.

Q: What's your favourite part of working at Novosco?

Tony: For me it’s the culture, core values, and general support for employees. We encourage staff to be brave and strive to challenge what “better” looks like, not just for our customers, but for us as a company and to never forget to have a bit of fun in the process!


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