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10 minutes with... Peter McCready

10 minutes with... Peter McCready

Peter joined Novosco in Summer 2018 as a Solutions Architect. Outside of work he’s a big fan of watching NBA, particularly the Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks.ay.

Question: Peter, tell us a bit about your role?

Peter: I joined Novosco about 6 months ago as a Solutions Architect and have really been enjoying it.  In my role I work with our Sales team and customers to help define solutions, and then also work with my colleagues in Professional Services to deliver the solutions designed.  Whilst I work with a broad range of technologies, my main area of focus is the Microsoft Cloud, so Azure and Office 365.  I've also been looking after our Microsoft partnership since coming on board.

Q: What’s been the career path so far that’s led you to Novosco?

Peter: I studied Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast, which included a placement year.  I was lucky enough to secure a position post-graduation with the company I was on placement with, so I got straight into the industry!. Subsequently I worked with a software company for 12 years, working through a variety of roles to Technical Design Authority where I was responsible for the design and implementation of data centre infrastructure solutions. More recently I spent two years as a Senior Manager where I was consulting on UK Data Centre and Cloud practice technologies.  I then spent two and a half years with a Microsoft cloud provider before making the move to join Novosco, and here we are!

Q: What sort of skillset does your current position require? Is there much interdepartmental work involved?

Peter: First and foremost my role requires a lot of technical knowledge and experience.  However, given that I frequently interact with customers, sales and pre-sales, management, and other colleagues (with varying degrees of technical skillsets) it is very important to be able to communicate well with people, and build relationships.  Being able to discuss technology at a level that is clearly understood by the audience is an important skill, as is finding the balance between showing technical credibility without complicating matters.

Q: What does an average Peter McCready day look like?

Peter: There's quite a lot of variety in my role, so I don't know that there is an "average day" as such.  As examples though: prior to customer projects starting I can be working on design documentation or meeting with customers to agree solutions. If I’m working on a customer project, I can be onsite working directly with our customers delivering solutions, or if doing neither of these things I am likely to be in the office catching up on admin, looking after our Microsoft partnership, or doing some training or development (which is something that is hugely encouraged by Novosco).

Q: What are some of the challenges you face?

Peter: One of the main ones, particularly when it comes to adopting cloud services, is demonstrating to customers and giving them confidence in a new and different ways of working.  It's human nature that people are wary of change, so it can take time for customers to come around to doing something differently to how it’s always ‘just been done’. Overall, we work hard to find the best solution for our customer and their business so, hopefully we do a good job of articulating that and giving them the comfort they need!

Q: How has working in IT changed over the last few years?

Peter: When I started working in IT, all of the infrastructure we delivered was physical.  Then about ten years ago there was a huge move towards virtualisation.  Following that, over the last few years, there has been a move towards cloud services.  It has been great to be around to see these transitions happen and see the benefits of each incremental improvement.  It’s that development that keeps me interested and makes me passionate about adopting the latest technologies and services.

Q: What is something that you particularly like about working in this industry?

Peter: That's simple - the variety!  I've always been interested in technology from a young age, so getting the opportunity to do it for a living is great.  Whilst we can plan for the future, history tells us that things will be very different in a few years.  Things are always changing in IT, and I think as long as you are receptive to change, that is a real benefit of working in the industry

Q: What tips would you have for someone looking to get into this industry?

Peter: Work hard, work well with other people, and always be willing to learn - if you aren't prepared to learn and develop then the IT industry, and technology in general, will leave you behind very quickly.

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