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10 minutes with... Kevin Graham


Kevin loves GAA and is a huge Dublin supporter, he even takes time out to coach at underage level. In his spare time he plays the guitar and saxophone however, according to Kevin both badly. Also, when it all gets a bit hectic Kevin loves to jet off to his holiday home in Spain, as you do! 

Question: Kevin, you’re a pre-sales technical consultant, what does that actually mean?

Kevin: I work with the Sales Team and customers in translating the customer’s needs and required outcomes into a technical solution.

Q: What has been your career path so far and how long have you been with Novosco?

Kevin: I started as a developer many years ago, but never really loved it. I moved into software engineering and from there into a helpdesk. I became part of a European IT team for a multinational. From there I became a technical consultant and then a presales technical consultant.

Q: What are some of the best skills and qualities to have for your role?

Kevin: I need to keep up to date with current technology and ensure that anything I suggest to a customer fits their needs. I also need to be able to articulate my ideas to technical teams as well as management teams.

Q: What do you like most about your role?

Kevin: I love making the best solution possible to fit a requirement, especially if it is something nobody else has considered. To match technology precisely to a problem is very satisfying.

Q: What steps do you take to ensure your customers remain satisfied?

Kevin: The easiest way to do that is to ensure that what they are about to invest in for the next five-seven years will meet their current and future requirements. Novosco gives me a lot of opportunity to deliver “value add” so we are not only their at the time of sale but throughout the lifecycle of a solution.

Q: What sort of industries do you work with?

Kevin: I work across all industry. We have large customers in the finance, pharma, healthcare, education and government sectors. Finance and pharma are usually considered the early adopters of technology, but we are lucky in that a lot of our customers are willing to entertain and adopt modern solutions.

Q: Tell me what you think the key to a successful business relationship is?

Kevin: Partnership. Everything we do, we do for the customer’s benefit. We don’t ask customers to invest in solutions because it benefits Novosco, we ensure anything we do is beneficial to them. It is also important to keep the customer up to date with what is happening in the industry so they can add this knowledge to their decision making process.

Q: What is it about Novosco you like?

Kevin: The people. Working with some of the brightest, most technical people I have ever met. The team that supports us is phenomenal. The senior management have a great idea of what a modern workplace should be like and because of that we have some of the best and brightest working for us. Nights out in Belfast are always a laugh. I love the culture of the place as well and that the wellbeing of everyone is so important.

Q: Favourite customer story?

Kevin: The recent Canada Life VDI project is one of the recent highlights. The customer had an ageing application delivery environment. We helped design and implement a modern, user centric solution that addressed their current user problems, introduced new functionality and addressed IT support issues. The solution was on time and on budget and is one of the largest VxRail Hyper Converged Infrastructures deployed in Ireland and UK.

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