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10 minutes with... Ken Anderson

10 minutes with... Ken Anderson

Ken is one of Novosco's Technical Services Analyst, is a wrestling enthusiast, and would love to visit Alaska some day.

Question: What’s your role at Novosco?

Ken Anderson: My current role is a Technical Services Analyst, which means I am the first line of contact for our customers whenever they have any issues. My role involves either helping the user to resolve their issue or by logging the issue appropriately and assigning onto a suitable engineer for the specific problem they’re facing.

Q: So you’re the customer point of contact, how does the process work?

Ken: I am one of them, indeed. The process starts with the user explaining their issue, then I would do some initial troubleshooting. If the issue is something within my skillset to resolve then I would go ahead and do the initial fix. If it’s not, if it requires a deeper knowledge of some of the specific technologies in play, then I would log a ticket and assign it onto a suitable engineer and explain to the customer what happens next.

Q: What sort of skillset does your position require, and do you work with other departments?

Ken: I would work with a good majority of the different departments within Novosco, as many of our customers require different services and have a wide range of systems and solutions. The general skillset required would be good experience in call handling and customer service, experience within the IT industry does help, but knowing what other peoples’ strengths are, that’s key – the collaboration aspect.

Q: What’s your career background?

Ken: I actually came from retail management, I’ve spent the better part of fifteen years gaining experience within customer service, leading a team, assisting the public – much of which is important in what I do here with Novosco. Fun fact: I spent 2 years as a postman, so insert your own service delivery joke here!!

Q: How has your time with Novosco been so far?

Ken: I've been with Novosco for over two years and I’ve really enjoyed myself! It’s great that I have found a company that gives me a challenge on a daily basis, Novosco has also been extremely helpful in pushing me to gain more experience and work my way to becoming an engineer, getting skilled up.

Q: What is it about your position that keeps you engaged, that piques your interest?

Ken: The thing I've found most interesting recently is finding the cause or source of an issue. The investigation to finding the root cause to an issue is extremely satisfying, it’s like being an IT detective. A problem has occurred and I need to find what or whodunnit, so I can resolve it. I am also enjoying learning about Citrix environments and what a VDI solution can offer organisation’s infrastructure

Q: Are you working on certification in those technologies?

Ken: I am working towards some certifications at the moment, but rather than dive in at the deep end of particular technologies, I’m working towards building a better foundation in my knowledge. As I'm still relatively new to Novosco, I’ve plenty of time to build up a vast amount of knowledge with the different technologies that we use daily. The more things I can learn the better service I can provide for our customers and our company.

Q: What tips would you have for someone looking to get into the industry?

Ken: Be proactive, listen to what others say and teach. Learn from your mistakes. Show your experience, even if it’s a hobby, it shows your interest, dedication, and passion.

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