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10 Minutes with... Emma Harvey, Technical Services Analyst

10 Minutes with... Emma Harvey, Technical Services Analyst


Emma Harvey is a Technical Services Analyst, helping our customers with support issues and making sure that the right people are working on the right projects. She's a social butterfly who loves to travel, lives for an Espresso Martini and would have Christmas Dinner every day, if she had her way!

Question: Emma, what do you do at Novosco?

Emma: I’m a Technical Services Analyst for Novosco, which means that I handle incoming communication from customers, log tickets, assign tickets to our expert engineers, and help with any issues they may have.

Q: How often do you have to tell someone to ‘turn it off and on again’?

E: Haha! It does happen…..

Q: And how often does that actually fix issues?

E: Ha! You'd be surprised! Sometimes it is as straight forward as that, sometimes it is a simple fix, other times it can be a more complex problem though. That’s why our customers trust Novosco, we approach each customer, each solution, each issue individually, we know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to resolve any problems. We take the time to learn what’s required.

Dealing with customers regularly, you start to recognise the people you’re dealing with, when customers get in touch and you build a good working relationship with them, it’s great to be able to help them.

Q: What attracted you to working at Novosco?

E: I had heard about Novosco and its great reputation, I wanted to be part of that and I was lucky enough to be offered a position. I’m really enjoying it. I’m not from a particularly technical background, but everyone is so helpful and free with their advice and guidance, I’ve been made to feel very comfortable. The learning curve has been brilliant, though, when you’re surrounded by so many experts, it pushes you to constantly improve and expand your knowledge and your abilities.

I’d seen a lot of press coverage of Novosco, and that it had won lots of awards, for its people and for the type of company it is to work for. And since I joined, it’s been great how easy it is to get involved with the activities.

Once I started, I was made to feel very welcome straight away. I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know the whole team, both those who work with me daily in the Belfast office and also at the full company meetings, bringing the team members who are based in Dublin, Manchester, and beyond.

Q: What was your career route so far??

E: I’m a qualified beautician, then I moved from that into insurance and the financial sectors, like claims handling; and now here I am, in a role I enjoy and working for a company that really does appreciate its people.

We often get feedback from the customers we’ve helped, thanking us for the way in which we’ve assisted them or the way their issue has been dealt with, that’s a really rewarding part of the role and something that makes me glad I’m here;

Q: How did you find the training process?

E: Our CRM is very intuitive, and there are plenty of training tools available to get to grips with it, but getting hands on and doing the job, that’s the best kind of training in my experience. Shadowing other people in similar roles has been particularly helpful, but also those around are always happy to teach and guide!

Q: We always like to talk about the perks of Novosco. How have they been for you?

E: The gym is superb! It’s great, during my lunch break I can go in there and get a gym session done so that when I finish for the day, I can go home and relax and not have to add more commuting to my day. The gym is one of those things that can be easily dropped from your routine, with such a great gym here at work, it means you’re less inclined to skip it, which is great for the health and fitness of the employees here.

I’m a huge fan of what Novosco provides us for breakfast, there’s fresh fruit, granola, yoghurt; it’s just another simple thing that makes a huge difference for me and my colleagues. Having a healthy start to your day, giving you the energy to do a great job for our customers, it’s brilliant.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of your role?

E: Getting to grips with the technology, which is constantly growing and changing, is a challenge, not just for me but for everyone in the industry because of that permanent state of evolution. Keeping up to date and staying informed on all the solutions and terms, the technology which our customers have in play, it’s the challenge and the reward, in a way. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I always want to help people if I can, as the first port of call for customers who have an issue, often I rely on other members of the team. Knowing everyone’s areas of expertise or who has solved a particular issue for a particular client previously, it’s an important part of the job and it’s one I really relish.


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