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10 Minutes with... Laura Henry, Technical Services Engineer

10 Minutes with... Laura Henry, Technical Services Engineer

Laura Henry is a technical services engineer who has been with Novosco for three years. When not overseeing the technical side of Novosco's managed services, she dreams of living in a hobbit-home, in Tolkein's The Shire, or failing that, New Zealand.

Question: Laura, describe a typical working day for you in Novosco?

Laura: I work in the service desk team which means that my days can be extremely varied and divided between being proactive and reactive.  Normally I take the first half hour of my day to evaluate the status of the service desk boards for trends or events that occurred overnight. From there the day will vary depending on what issues our customers are facing.

If we’ve had a roll-out of new services, the service desk can be extremely busy the next day as our customer get to grips with everything.  The afternoons can be spent in handovers of new projects and infrastructures which means that we get a lot of exposure to the latest technologies.  

Q: What was your route to working for Novosco?

Laura: I hold a BA (Hons) in Business Studies with Computing and a MSc in Telecommunications & Internet Systems from the University of Ulster. After Uni I had some IT roles in the Banking, Manufacturing and Auction industries with an emphasis on Business Intelligence and ERP development. Novosco is my first experience of “pure” IT and I’ve found it completely different to my other roles, it is such an enjoyable challenge with so many different technologies.

Q: What transferable skills from your roles have come in useful here at Novosco?

Laura: Perhaps surprisingly it's been the business skills that have taken me the furthest in my career. I believe that because I understand business functions, I can create and integrate systems in a much more intuitive and effective way.

Q: What is it about working at Novosco that you like?

Laura: My colleagues! They are extremely generous with their time, knowledge and encouragement.  

Q: What advice would you give to people who are interested in a career in IT or working in a Service Desk role?

Laura: The wonderful thing about IT is that you can take your knowledge anywhere in the world as long as you are flexible and willing to learn you’ll always find opportunities.

Q: Would you recommend Technical Services Engineer to young people planning their career?

Laura: Absolutely! This role allows you to get experience of lots of different technologies and it also helps you find and develop your strengths and what you enjoy doing.

Laura Henry

If you're interested in joining Novosco, we have a number of vacancies currently, including on our Service Desk. Click here for more information.

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