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Why Software Defined Networking?

Why Software Defined Networking?


July’s Let’s Talk webinar saw cloud expert, amateur chef, and webinar host Mal Toner delve deep into the mysteries of Software Defined Networking. However, unlike conventional mysteries such as those you might find on TV, this one doesn’t involve a cliff-hanger ending.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) can be summed up as “decoupling the control plane and the data plane, of your network,” furthermore, the intelligence of the network is able to be logically centralised and the network infrastructure protocols and policies are separated from the platforms hosted upon it.

Whilst this ‘simplification’ sounds fairly complex still, Mal explains in the webinar what the benefits of this are, and how you can depend on SDN to adapt your network infrastructure to be much more malleable to efficient.

Originally conceived by Stanford University, SDN was a re-imagining of sorts; a ‘if we were starting from scratch again, with what we know now, what would we do differently’. This has led to SDN being one of the largest shifts in thinking and ability in network management, security, and beyond.

It’s all about taking the traditional network, the orthodox architecture we’re all familiar with, and enabling you to do more with it. With SDN you can:

  • - Allow orchestration, automation, and intelligent controls
  • - Significantly improve control and visibility
  • - Enable simplification of the network, especially the process of expanding

Ultimately, Software Defined Networking allows you and your organisation to more of what you should be doing, with what you have.

It’s not just about the virtual machines either, a common misconception; it’s about the LAN, the user, the device, the network; it’s about setting up specific services and events, accommodating specific circumstances. SDN establishes a framework to virtualise components of the network, allowing you to streamline access and permissions, as well as many other things.

For more information, watch Novosco’s Let’s Talk… Software Defined Networking webinar, with Mal Toner.


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Thursday, 13 December 2018

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