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Security as a managed service: gain control by sharing control

Security as a managed service: gain control by sharing control

While it may seem counterintuitive, for many businesses, enlisting an external expert to monitor and manage the firm’s cyber defences may be the most effective way to stay in control of security.

Often, when a security breach occurs, the natural assumption is that the organisation’s security technology was not up to scratch. In our experience though, this isn’t usually the case. More often than not we discover that most companies have implemented appropriate security technology but it’s either not optimised at its most effective level or necessary updates, like the most recent patching, haven’t been applied.

It is easy for management to blame the security department for this apparent failure to complete straight-forward tasks, but the real story can be much more complicated. Analysing and monitoring activity at every level of a business, and for every conceivable software release, 24 hours of day is, understandably, a difficult task. In reality, most IT departments simply do not have time.

Without sufficient resources to undertake this intensive process on a continual basis, the business will always be at risk from a rapidly expanding range of malicious attacks, which is where managed services come in.

Partnering with a managed service provider like Novosco guarantees a team of cyber security experts will always be on hand to apply a selection of checks, balances, analytics, and support to ensure that technology is optimised in real-time and at every layer of the business.

This considerably reduces the probability of a breach and leaves the IT department free to focus on their core roles. Rather than representing a loss of control over the firm’s security, it means the internal team has the time to find innovative new ways to use IT to serve the needs of your business.

Contact us to learn more about how the team has already helped businesses like yours bring their security strategy up to the next level.

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