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Resistance to Managed Services

Resistance to Managed Services

“We will manage it ourselves”, “We don’t outsource any of our services”, and “We want to keep this in-house”. We’ve heard these phrases many times during customer project meetings and I often wonder why these types of things are said, so let's take a look.

A few initial thoughts:

• Organisations are concerned with minimising financial costs.  Factoring in costs for management of projects/solutions will exceed their budgets etc.

• Human nature dictates that we like to keep control of things, so the concept of handing over the reins to something that you “own” can be daunting or threatening.

• Legislation/Regulation govern what organisations are able to do with regards to potential outsourcing/management services. 


Financial costs, those we see written down on paper as being outlay towards a project or solution, are what decision makers initially concern themselves with.  Personnel costs attributed to the time in which we dedicate our resources to tasks are often overlooked.

• How much time are we going to have to dedicate to this solution a day/week/month on top of our current workload?

• What training will we need to plan for and how much does this cost?

• We need to cover for holidays/periods of absence so more than one member of the team needs to be skilled/trained to the right standard.

• What is the opportunity cost in handing these tasks to my team, what won’t they be able to do or what reduction will need to be made elsewhere to accommodate the new solution?


A Managed Service is a bespoke solution tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.  It doesn’t have to be a complete segregation and handover of the controls. A Managed Service is allowing specialists with extensive experience and knowledge to take the workload away and allowing you to do what serves your business best.  Essentially, in common customer examples, either the highly specialised tasks or the day-to-day management can be alleviated from your team giving the business the opportunity to focus on its core activities.

We'll talk a little more about this aspect in our next blog "Getting to know us".


Find a managed service partner that you can trust. MSPs can adhere to the same regulations that your own team does and will ensure all the necessary security requirements are met and adhered to throughout.  For example, the Novosco team are all security cleared for certain highly sensitive clients. Ensure you find an MSP that can handle your requirements and demonstrate their value to your business.  As well as accreditations, are they capable of providing you with the reassurance and confidence you need to tick all the boxes?

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