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Novosco Rowed A Marathon for Bowel Cancer UK

Novosco Rowed A Marathon for Bowel Cancer UK


42,000 metres, or 137795 feet. That’s how far Team Novosco aimed for in the Bowel Cancer UK Row a Marathon fundraising event. And achieve it we did, and then some!

We teamed up with Edwards & Co to bring together 14 other companies from across Northern Ireland; all pulling towards the same goal of raising £15,000.

Novosco rowers came from across the company, Service Desk and Accounts; Support and Admin, even our Managing Director, Patrick McAliskey, put in a shift on the machine. Some might have been disbelieving that a team of Cloud & IT experts could beat all the competition and row the furthest distance – but we’re the Fearless Champions of Better.

Ultimately, with all the fun competition aside, and there was much banter and rivalry between the teams taking part, the event wasn’t to show off the leg muscles of our Cloud experts, but to raise awareness and funds for Bowel Cancer UK in Northern Ireland.

Over 41,200 people are diagnosed annually with Bowel Cancer in the UK; it is the third most common cancer in Northern Ireland, with 1,100 people diagnosed and 400 people dying each year.  Bowel Cancer is treatable and it is curable, especially with early diagnosis. And this is why we rowed.

But ultimately the real winner was the campaign to fight Bowel Cancer.

Novosco take our commitment to charity seriously, we participate regularly both as a company and as individual team members to support worthwhile causes, it’s part of who we are. We’re immensely proud of the work we’ve done for our causes, but we always want to improve on our efforts next time. So if Row A Marathon comes around again, maybe we’ll push for even further, and perhaps you and your organisation will join us in the campaign.



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Sunday, 16 December 2018

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