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Is your phone supplier costing your business time and money?

Is your phone supplier costing your business time and money?

Is your phone supplier costing your business time and money?

Have you been using the same old phone system for years now, without thinking too much about it?

Hey, it works, so what’s wrong with that?! Well stop and think about it for a minute… does it really work in a way that is most cost effective for your business?

You’ve probably been tied into an ISDN contract for years with your current phone provider. Maybe you’ve got your own PBX, and you’re also managing your own telephony infrastructure, which can be expensive and time consuming to maintain and operate.

Well now is the time to think about making a change that is better for your business and could save you money and increase efficiency.

Moving your traditional ISDN to a SIP trunk is the answer. SIP trunking is a technology that routes all your phone calls via the internet. A hosted Skype for Business solution provides a direct connection and business grade platform ensuring end to end quality of service for all video and voice streams, as well as security and privacy. Using VoIP technology, such as Skype for Business, offers a range of benefits for your business that are too good not to consider.  

Hosted Skype for Business - What are the main benefits for my business?

Cost Savings:

Cut the cost of calls – your business can save up to 50% on line rental and 25% on calls. Think of that in real terms over the course of a 3 year phone contract and what you could save. This is not something that your traditional phone provider is going to talk to you about – and to be honest, why would they?

Skype for Business reduces your cost per channel, meaning your line rental is significantly cheaper, calls cost less and can even be cost-free, depending on the supplier you partner with. A hosted Skype for Business solution also eliminates ’bill shock‘, with transparent pricing models and controlled call costs, including to mobiles and geographic areas. 


You’re always in control and your business becomes more efficient and cost effective. With a hosted Skype for Business solution, you can scale the number of lines you have up or down easily and quickly, meaning you’re not paying for more than you need. With a pay as you go model and consume as you need model, costs become more visible and therefore easier to control and manage. Also with greatly reduced CAPEX costs, hosted Skype for Business becomes a very budget friendly telephony solution.

The flexibility offered by the features and functionality of Skype for Business should not be overlooked; they allow your employees to work from anywhere, meaning that your business becomes boundary-less.


Dedicated, highly available SIP trunks can support dynamic disaster recovery, meaning emergencies can be handled with ease - calls can be rerouted to back up sites in a matter of seconds. There is also always the ISDN failback if the WAN fails.

More than just a desk phone:

Features such as large-scale call conferencing, voice recording and instant messaging (IM), across desk and mobile devices as well as dynamic analytics makes Skype for Business a solution that your business can’t ignore any further.

But, what about call quality? At Novosco we are our first and most critical customer; we have been using hosted Skype for Business for many years now and it serves as the backbone for all of our internal and customer communications.
Having grown in recent years, we now have offices in Belfast, Dublin, Cork, and Warrington - Skype for Business has seamlessly grown with us. We use it daily for voice and video calls, and IMs and the quality of service is second to none. The private connectivity from our selected data centres, ensures end to end quality of service for all voice and video streams.

All might be well with the solution you have, but stop and think - could my business, employees and customers be better served by moving phone supplier to a modern, fit-for-purpose solution?

To learn more about how Novosco Hosted Skype for Business can benefit your organisation contact us directly on 02890 454 433 or email


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