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Housing Associations - Made for Managed Services

Housing Associations - Made for Managed Services

The modern housing association is built on three things; bricks, people, and IT. It’s how a housing association manages each of these three things that impacts on the level and quality of service it can deliver.

Think about it for a minute, if you want to provide social housing, you need bricks to build the houses and you need IT to connect everything and manage communications. If you want to manage the bricks, you need people to build houses, and you need IT to facilitate the people as they run and manage the housing association – there’s just no way of getting around it in today’s world.

It’s crucial for all organisations, including housing associations, to know what they can and can’t do, managing resources accordingly is what makes the difference in the level and quality of service offered.

If a client of a housing association contacts them with an issue about, let’s say… roofing. The housing association may have roofing experts within their organisation, if issues are frequent, who can sort out the problem, but what if they don’t? Undoubtedly, they will contact a roofing specialist to come in and sort out the issue and make recommendations for improvements or suggest ways to stop the problem happening again.

The same rings true for IT and communications within the housing association. That’s where we come in.

Whether it’s implementing and utilising a range of IT services including Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, virtualisation, cyber security, disaster recovery and backup, or something else, if a housing association doesn’t have industry experts in these fields, they turn to us – they let us do what we do best.

The alternative is a large-scale capital expenditure project to find and recruit experts to join the housing association’s team; perhaps even needing to establish a whole department.

The same is also the case for the current inhouse IT department. Where an IT team already exists, there may be elements that are outside their expertise, or as your housing association grows, the team may not have the capacity to deal with if they are focussing on their core activities. There are times when it becomes necessary to draft in additional support, and that’s where housing associations are made for managed services.

Novosco has over 20 years experience working with some of the largest housing associations in the UK, providing a range of services to support their IT and infrastructure.

The housing associations we work with provide social housing across the UK, with over 250,000 homes between them. We are proud to partner with these organisations to help them provide housing at the heart of their communities.

We focus on providing IT managed services to improve delivery of IT operations and offering more cost effective solutions, so that each housing association can focus on delivering their core business.

We design and operate hosted systems to suit the needs of the business we’re working with. Whether it be public, private, or hybrid cloud, talking to our experts ensures that the right solution for the right situation is implemented.

We do this by bringing our expertise, our people and their collective knowledge and experience, to meet the needs of our customer. Our team of experts have the experience to help design the solutions and provide IT support that meets business needs.

With Novosco’s managed services, we work with you to establish what you need, and we make it happen. You can rely on our technology experts, certified in the technologies we deploy, to ensure that your IT is there to support the work of your organisation, and not to hold it back.

To learn more, you can read a case study of our work with Regenda, and get in touch to discuss your specific needs and how Novosco can help.

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