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A supporting role in helping you proceed to the cloud

A supporting role in helping you proceed to the cloud

A supporting role in helping you proceed to the cloud

The whole world is rushing to the cloud … or are they?

Is this really a revolution or is it a gradual evolution? We’d argue the latter, and one where cautious movers will do very well.

Virtual cloud-based infrastructures definitely have a lot going for them. McKinsey for example, cites potential reductions in unit costs of around 50%, massive reductions in provisioning time from days to minutes and typically only about 10% of the critical outages of traditional infrastructure. So far, so good.

But businesses didn’t throw out all of their terminals on the day that the first IBM PC was launched. Similarly, we’d contend that cloud isn’t the right solution for everything right now for everyone and it certainly doesn’t make sense to move everything to the cloud at once – a view backed up by McKinsey. Indeed, only this year the firm noted that most organisations have migrated less than 15% of x86 workloads to the cloud and don’t plan significantly higher adoption over the next few years, despite being a top priority sponsored by the highest levels of management.

The problem is that the cloud has been heavily marketed – and hyped by media too – as the answer to everything IT. And it removes the need to reconsider your on-premises infrastructure every three to five years.

At times like this, IT departments need to play their most valuable role, which is as level-headed advisors, and guide their organisations towards the optimum combination of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise solutions.

The key is how to do this now. Think back just five years, for example, and it’s clear that maintaining the status quo isn’t an option – how far behind the curve would that put you in another five years?

Instead, it offers a great opportunity to focus in on where IT teams can really offer value in a way that no-one else in the business can, and that’s by understanding the application footprint and the business logic, and finding ways to better leverage the data that the business generates.

And this is why managed services have evolved – so that they can support IT departments in identifying where cloud really can add value and where it can’t (yet). The internal push towards cloud won’t stop, but with informed advice from an experienced managed services provider which already deeply understands the varied cloud marketplace, you can show why the cautious approach is far better than racing for the line.

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Thursday, 13 December 2018

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