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Getting to know us - Novosco Managed Services

Getting to know us - Novosco Managed Services

Novosco Managed Services: Improving delivery, reducing costs

In many organisations, IT is the backbone to the delivery of high quality service for customers and employees. Your business relies on IT, but supporting IT is not your core business. Novosco managed services are the answer to the problem, we aim to enable your IT to support your business, not burden it.

Customised, process-driven and expertly delivered services

By moving critical infrastructure management to the hands of Novosco’s experts, you are free to focus on the primary aspects of your business.

Novosco’s experts are all specialists, with skills covering a broad range of technical and professional disciplines. For organisations like yours, investing in training, recruiting and managing an in-house team is just not always a realistic or cost-effective option.

We solve this business challenge for both public and private sector organisations by providing flexible, professional, and tailored IT Managed Services – in a nutshell, we run your IT so you can run your business.

Everyone is different, so every managed service we provide is customized

All of our projects and services are customised to deliver the skills you need, when you need them. We deliver unique agile ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) aligned services.

Customised solutions

Every business has its own unique IT needs. We listen and understand what your business’s wants and needs are, and we work closely with you to deliver them. We tailor solutions to suit your specific requirements and budget, from a narrow or broad technology portfolio, to various levels of support, we will work with you to put in place the best solution and give you peace of mind.

We respect that each organization we work with has its own compliance regulations to adhere to, we strive to meet the highest standards and to guarantee that the standards you expect, are delivered.

Fearless Champions of Better

We always strive to do better, it’s in our nature, and we make it our business. When you chose a Novosco managed service our team will get to know yours. Our team members are dedicated and experienced; experts in their field, they are highly accredited and always developing their skills further. Our use of leading-edge technology, expert managed services architects, combined with our experienced agile ITIL management process, allows us to adapt and deliver exceptional service.

Why Novosco for Managed Services?

• We take the time to listen and truly understand your challenges. Novosco consultants work closely with your teams to understand the key drivers and challenges faced by your business.
• We go the extra mile. We always owna problem, and because we ensure that we are here to help, we never drop the ball.
• Our expertise is world-class. We realise that processes are fundamental to delivering great service, so our agile ITIL approach allows us to remain flexible and ensure that our service levels are optimal.
• Open accountability, transparent reporting, and honest reviews of performance are fundamental to our service.
• We continually strive to improve our service, and always keep up with the latest technology advances and best practices in the industry, it’s all part of being the Fearless Champions of Better.
• Incorporated into our company mission, vision and values, our ISO accreditations are the bedrock of everything we do, so that our customers are assured that their IT infrastructure is in safe hands.


Whether you are looking to replace an existing managed service contract, define a managed service for existing infrastructure, or implement and manage new technology, Novosco will tailor a service plan to your needs.

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