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Developing IT skills with Cloud Camp

Developing IT skills with Cloud Camp

One of the challenges all business face is to make sure that we are developing the skills that we will need in the future, as well as the skills that we need today. It is vitally important that companies, like Novosco, take an active role in helping our young people develop and grow their interest in IT.

For that reason, we run Novosco Cloud Camp, a week-long summer camp for students aged 16-17. The aim is to give students the opportunity to get more hands on practical experience in the world of IT, and hopefully help them to choose a career in IT in the future.

This is now the third year of Cloud Camp and we’re delighted this year to partner with Ulster University. Given the new technologies that are currently being used throughout the business world like robotics, AI, VR and smart environments, we felt it was important this year to broaden the range of Cloud Camp and give students a real taste of the world of technology. So, part this year’s Cloud Camp will take place in Ulster University’s smart environment labs, which includes some of the latest smart technologies, as well as a state-of-the-art robot called Sandy. These smart environments include a smart kitchen, smart bedroom and smart living room, used to support investigations into the area of assistive technologies and activity recognition.

In addition, a newly refurbished robotics laboratory is being used to investigate the development of autonomous robotics which could be used within home-based settings. To complement this, a set of 400 sensing nodes is currently available to be deployed in a smart environment covering a footprint of over 6,800 square feet. The university also has a multitude of mobile platforms and a recently installed mobile laboratory.

Developing the skills of the future doesn’t necessarily mean encouraging young people to go to university. Some of those attending Cloud Camp this year, and those who attended in the past two years, may go on to do degrees at university; many of them may not.

We would encourage them to do what they think is best to meet their career ambitions, and to always learn and develop throughout their lives – that's something we are very passionate about, and support our team members in.

Anyone who is interested in Cloud Camp can apply directly through our website it’s a short application form and shouldn’t really take too long -  you just need to tell us why you deserve a place at this year’s cloud camp.  Applications close on the 30th June, so get applying!

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