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How can your organisation benefit from managed Office 365?

How can your organisation benefit from managed Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is arguably one of the most powerful tools you can equip your business or organisation with right now; when it comes to the enterprise IT environment, it’s state-of-the-art;  giving your business the tools it needs to lead the way in terms of productivity, efficiency, security and practicality.

But why would you make the move to Office 365 when what you have works?

Be free from the worry

With Office 365, you don’t need to be concerned about servers and maintenance, the beauty of Office 365 being available on the cloud is that it makes the entire platform as flexible and scalable as required. Leveraging what is available to your organisation in the cloud can provide many advantages, one of which is most definitely saving on the maintenance costs associated with providing physical servers. That’s not even factoring in rolling out an expansion programme or adding new servers and racks and the additional manpower required for the whole process, both in the initial project and as ongoing costs.

Grow at your own pace

What you need, within Office 365, is what you pay for. The scalability of Office 365 means there’s no need to equip your business with a million billion GB data capacity if you don’t need that…yet. There’s no requirement to take on licensing right now for everyone you might possibly ever employ in your business in the future. Let Office 365 suit you; and as you change, it will adapt to suit your needs.

Be elsewhere, but still have everything

One of the strongest benefits of transitioning to the Office 365 cloud platform, is the remote aspect. You and your colleagues can access what you need, from wherever you are, on whatever device you’re using. The amount of productivity tools provided within the wider Office 365 suite is staggering; when your business migrates to the cloud Office 365 platform, you can really begin to make the most out of what you have.

The level of collaboration made possible when location, device, and time are no longer limiting factors is astounding. By utilising the shared drive folders in conjunction with the communication features, you can confidently carry out your business activities, knowing that everything you do is safe, secure, and yours.

With the highest levels of enterprise security protecting your company’s data, whether you have multiple sites, remote workers, or any other situation where company information and systems need accessed from anywhere-but-the-office, Microsoft Office 365 makes securely accessing your data simple and efficient.

When you partner with an expert managed service provider, such as Novosco, migrating to Office 365 is a simple process – we aim to remove all of the stress. Regardless of the storage solution you currently employ, we can take the strain away from you or your IT department and get your business up and running on the Office 365 cloud, worry free. Just one move means that you’ll probably never need to migrate your data ever again.

If you'd like to find out how Novosco could work with your organisation to make the most of Office 365 on Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud, get in touch. 

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Sunday, 16 December 2018

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