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10 Minutes with... Rob Blanchard, Account Manager

10 Minutes with... Rob Blanchard, Account Manager

Rob is an Account Manager with Novosco, based in England. If he’s not playing football, or watching his son play football, or watching football in general, he’s probably away caravanning around the country.

Question: Rob, what’s your role with Novosco?

Rob: As an Account Manager my role is to work with our customers to make sure they are happy and have what they need from Novosco. From a sales perspective I am also working to drive business with new customers.

I came from an IT service provider in the Small-Medium Business remit. After 5 years, and becoming successful within that vertical, I decided my progression was to work with larger customers with larger and more specific solutions. 

The opportunity came up with NetDef (now Novosco) who work with exactly that type of customer, medium-to-enterprise, and specialising in Security / Networks before moving in to the storage market. 

Security in particular is always a concern for businesses and it’s a diverse subject matter all on its own. It’s been an interesting and enjoyable journey thus far understanding and offering solutions accordingly.

Q: It’s been over a year now since Novosco acquired NetDef, how has it been so far, bringing the range of new solutions and technologies to the customers you already had?

Rob: The fact is that cloud services are discussed in every meeting in some form or either whether you are reselling a Vendor service or a Novosco service offering.  So it has opened up my portfolio as an Account Manager which is great.  It has given me the opportunity to discuss these services with my existing customer base and potential new customers. 

There is a lot there to learn regarding the services offered by Novosco which I will understand as the opportunities arise.

Q: In your time within the industry, has there been a shift in how ‘cloud’ and ‘managed services’ are seen by customers?

Rob: Yeah, you still can work on the single solution projects, like firewall refreshes, Backup / Disaster Recovery projects etc. but I have already had the pleasure of working on all-encompassing solutions, where we host the customer’s entire infrastructure in Novosco cloud, or a hosted WAN, LAN. and Hosted Skype for Business environment; hopefully many more to come too!

Q: Would you encourage others to join Novosco?

Rob: I think the working environment Novosco are implementing as well as the encouragement for a work life balance is great, I have never done yoga on a Monday lunch before now!

I work out of the Daresbury office, and I’m on the road or working from home often too, which always presents challenges, but Novosco have great communication channels open to ensure this isn’t too impactful. Also the opportunity to visit the Belfast HQ every once in a while is a bonus!

Q: What predictions do you have for the coming year or two?

Rob: Customers are constantly looking at the maturity of the cloud and in a lot of cases now it’s a case of “at what point in our refresh cycle can we adopt these solutions” rather than “will we or won’t we,” so adoption rates, as I see it, is only going to grow.

Security is also on ongoing concern for the majority of businesses; constantly improving in all areas and monitoring that improvement as there are always new methods that antagonists try to hack businesses with. More and more it’s not just the big firms getting hacked, so it’s key that everyone is aware of their capabilities and their vulnerabilities.

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