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10 Minutes with... Bronagh Hughes, Internal Recruiter

10 Minutes with... Bronagh Hughes, Internal Recruiter

Bronagh Hughes joined Novosco as Internal Recruiter in August 2017. She worked in recruitment for agencies previously, as well as the financial sector, and wants for little more in life than for her dog to sit under her desk at work with her all day.

Question: So, you’ve been with Novosco for 6 months at this point, what made you decide to join?

Bronagh: I had been aware of Novosco for a number of years, and had recruited staff for them when I was working as a Recruitment Consultant in an agency. I really enjoyed working with Novosco as a client, and grew huge admiration for them, as I was generally attracted to companies I would like to work for myself. I worked with them for about a year and a half and watched the profile of the business continue to grow since then. To see any home-grown company go from strength to strength, and be able to compete with tech companies anywhere in the world with their offering, is really exciting to see.

Q: So you were recruiting people for Novosco long before you joined Novosco as internal recruiter?

B: Yeah! It’s funny how that worked out, I didn’t expect to be meeting the guys again as their colleague! The people I placed in Novosco always had such great things to say when I’d follow up with them, and it really solidified my view that if an opportunity came up, I’d seriously consider it.

Q: And here you are!

B: And here I am! I was very lucky to have worked with great agencies, so to move from recruitment agency to an internal position, I always said it would have to be the ideal role, in the ideal company. When I got the call that Novosco were interested in me, I knew I wanted to go for it. The team were so impressive, they felt very different to most other organisations I have come into contact with... their approach was a breath of fresh air.

And like I said, there are people I now work alongside that I placed here - I can absolutely see what they were talking about. Now I get to do recruitment for Novosco full time - it doesn’t get any better than that!

Q: Was it strange for you, as someone who has a career in recruitment, to go through the recruitment process yourself?

B: Yeah, it was! But in a really good way. It gave me another opportunity to see if this was the right place and the right move for me. I really enjoyed the process and have such respect for each stage of it as it works so well, for the business, and most importantly the candidate themselves. It gave me an even better insight into what I’d be taking on, with no surprises - and vice versa, the Directors were totally transparent about the role.

Rather than helping clients find people, and then those companies owning the rest of the process, now I can see it first hand and can best advise them as I’ve been through the exact same process. It’s really helped me understand Novosco’s approach even more, and how we can get the best out of candidates as they go through the process.

Ultimately, that’s what it’s about. It’s not about just ‘getting people’, it’s about getting the right people who will be happy here. Each stage throughout the hiring process is designed to make sure we bring the best out in them and that ultimately the role is a good fit.

Q: And now you’re in, what’s next?

B: Well, I’ve already brought in some great additions to the team in the past six months, and now I have all the processes in place it will be full steam ahead! Because this was a completely new role, as internal recruiter, I was able to shape it, work closely with HR and refine the entire recruitment process for candidates engaging with us. It’s been brilliant at every stage of my own settling in process!

We are increasingly recruiting across our offices in England, which is great variety day to day for me as a recruiter. Knowing the company’s future plans and pipeline is obviously exciting as I’m able to get ahead of the curve and make sure we have the right people in place.

Q: What are the challenges you face in the role?

B: Time, it’s always time. Not so much time constraints on me, because that’s always going to be part of recruitment, but making sure everything happens within workable timeframes. Whether it’s aligning various members of our teams, alongside the candidates themselves - that’s the challenge, but it’s also part of the fun. Everyone has been unbelievably supportive and I have complete buy-in from everyone within the business which makes it quite straightforward. They understand what I need to succeed so I can help contribute to the success of the company, and ultimately we are supporting Novosco’s customers.

Getting the right people is of course always a challenge in recruitment, but particularly in IT. Some of the skills sets are niche, and it’s a very competitive market for the pedigree we need. I’m incredibly lucky though as its an easy sell! Coming to work at Novosco is, for most people, a really exciting prospect. When candidates research us, they’re usually in exactly the same place I was, when I was approached – super excited and eager to find out more!

Q: Okay then, sell me on Novosco! Why should I consider joining?

B: Just one reason? Ok… first – the people. This sounds like a cliché, but the team really is second to none. As soon the recruitment process begins, everyone you’re dealing with is at the very top of their game. The calibre of our experts, the quality of the people you’ll be working with, that in itself was reason enough for me. You’re treated with respect, and supported every step of the way. Many companies promote similar values regards well-being and a good company culture, but I’ve never seen somewhere where it’s lived and breathed as much as Novosco.

From the Directors to right across the business, anyone here will go the extra mile to support you with whatever you need, but it’s not just an attitude or their approach – they will action it in the best way possible! All of this is what obviously makes Novosco successful. It’s our team that customers are relying on, and when they’re happy and empowered, the outcome is much, much better.

If you take away the incredible office space, the Gym, the VR suite, the acupressure massages, the mindfulness sessions, the Fitbits - if you take away all the benefits - it would still be the best place to work, and a company I can recommend to anyone.

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