Culture | Novosco

Fearless Champions of Better
As a highly motivated team of experts in cloud technologies and IT integration, we’re building the Best Managed Cloud Provider in the UK and Ireland. The move to the cloud seems inevitable, so we’re delivering the transition from on-premise infrastructure to cloud services to organisations up for it, making it a possible challenge.


We’ve set our mission to be the Fearless Champions of Better, and by that we mean that we do all in our power to continuously deliver better advice, better service and better support. We know the transition to the cloud can be daunting and painful, but we’re the kind of people who go the extra mile, supporting our customers all the way, in the reassurance of our managed service or strategic partnership contracts. 

Core Values
We have adopted four core values that deliver for our clients: Teamwork, Excellence, Respect and Fun. They’re the attitudes that give us the ability to do the impossible.

  • Excellence

  • Fun

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

We recognise the great value in teams, inside Novosco and within the teams we form with our customers. We seek excellence when we go the extra mile in everything we do and continually strive for improvement.

The business world is stressful, so we make sure to respect ourselves and endeavour to treat everyone we engage with in the same manner. And because our roots are in the Irish culture, we can be light-hearted and enjoy a bit of ‘craic’ (fun) without sacrificing our professionalism.