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Novosco, a CANCOM company, was delighted to support the inaugural Belfast Telegraph IT Awards to recognise and celebrate the industry-leading IT talent driving what is Northern Ireland’s fastest growing sector. From companies and individual talent, to the collective achievements of teams, IT departments and their cutting-edge innovations, the awards demonstrate Northern Ireland’s status as a hotbed of IT innovation.

Sponsoring the hotly contested Cybersecurity Project of the Year category, Novosco presented the award to Allstate, a business whose innovations have had significant impact on improving processes, demonstrate best practice and highlight excellence in the area of cybersecurity.

As well as recognising outstanding achievements in the IT sector in Northern Ireland, Novosco is committed to developing Northern Ireland’s IT talent for the future. Since 2016, it has facilitated its Novosco Camp, a week-long summer camp aimed at 16-17-year-old students interested in a career in IT. Free to attend, it provides valuable hands-on IT infrastructure, software and, importantly, experience in security solutions with backing of professional IT engineers and lecturers.  

Novosco’s sponsorship of the Cybersecurity Project of the Year category comes as the company invests in the development of its dedicated security operations centre (SOC) at its Belfast headquarters. This builds on its expertise as a leading cybersecurity solutions provider.

The new centre enables the firm to provide specialist IT security services to organisations across the UK and Ireland. The state-of-the-art facility, which is manned 24 hours per day, seven days per week, houses a dedicated team responsible for monitoring and analysing clients’ security landscape in real time.

Novosco supports its blue-chip clients to be more secure through the integration of fundamental security solutions, which it both implements and proactively manages to protect from complex and potentially catastrophic vulnerabilities

Its revolutionary new SOC will enhance Novosco’s capacity to pre-empt and prevent security risks and attacks.

Adding to its experience and expertise the fast-growing business, which won a £107million contract with a major NHS trust last year, recently joined the Munich-based CANCOM Group. Novosco’s impressive product portfolio and high-profile clients coupled with CANCOM’s acquisitive and strategic growth objectives will establish a platform that equips the businesses with the resources to grow their market presence throughout the UK and Ireland and further enhance their services.

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